He would not pinch their chips

You don’t need to appreciate the sport to appreciate the sport’s commentator.

Bold statement, I know – and not all sportscasters can make the leap from being a beloved accessory of the sport, to being a beloved commentator. Continue reading


Moments of Wonder

What is sense? What is non-sense?
Is the nonsense the part we don’t understand, or the part we do understand? Is there such a thing as understanding? Is there a ‘thing’?  What is ‘Is’? We might never know, but we can try to not understand the things that might IS.

This isn’t a quote from Philmena Cunk, but it could be. This is the type of British humor I think I do understand! This comes from a series started in 2013 called Charlie Booker’s Weekly Wipe, which I would compare to Denis Leary hosting the Daily Show. I highly recommend it.

If you have some time, I recommend this short of Philomena learning about… time.