on behalf of America – I’m Sorry!

Black Friday was yesterday in the UK.

The phrase just sounds so wrong.

Black Friday is a consumerism frenzy that kicks off of a season intended to celebrate the humble beginnings of a religious renaissance – so, it’s just fundamentally wrong and off-the-mark to begin with. That’s like inviting Julia Childs to introduce a line of TV dinners.

It’s the day after the American Thanksgiving – so what is it doing in the UK?! It’s obviously been imported for profit, unbridled capitalism being arguably the greatest American export.

It’s named Black Friday, I had heard, because it’s the day on which most retailers finally turn a profit. Another theory, described in this article in UK’s The Telegraph, is that the term was coined by police on the East coast to describe the horror that culminated from traffic of holiday shoppers AND rival Army and Navy college football fans travelling to the annual game. Personally, I’m inclined to believe the latter, since I don’t think American businesses in the 40’s would have been forthright about the state of their finances. But maybe that’s just a reflection of the financial skepticism that permeates the current times.

Black Friday is a massacre of a holiday – so for this import, on behalf of Am’urica, I’m sorry.


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