Don’t Try This At Home – A Horrible Warning

I am a person who tries things. So, I at least know as much as an infant. You just have to try things. Sometimes they make you burp, poop or cry. Sometimes they make you laugh. At some point, though, we consider ourselves adults who have pretty good handle on what we (and others) ought to like or dislike, without having to try them first hand. I seem to utterly lack this ability.

I am an individual who has tried some things that people with more sense have warned me against; I am probably not a good example of anything aside from a stubborn smartass. My current theory is that being a stubborn smartass is at best a very long, winding road to achieving all your hopes and dreams. I suspect that some of my peers have found their path to self-fulfillment to be shorter and more enjoyable by being generally more sensible and affable. 

“If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.”

~ His Burial Too (c) Catherine Aird 1973

I have tried being sensible and affable, but it is terribly boring and emotionally draining. Despite my best efforts, I’ve found myself doing exactly the things that people have warned me against, such as: advertising for roommates on Craigslist, telling my boss what I actually think, moving overseas where I have no friends or family, working from home and eating black pudding. I can only theorize that the reason the universe has allowed me to continue on this path is so that I can warn others. 

So if you, too, are inclined to ignore advice, get easily bored, or perhaps you are my mother, wanting proof that I’m still alive after having missed our last three Skype calls, keep reading. I’ll keep the warnings coming.

In your best interest,

A Mock run Amok


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